Embodying our Creative Selves

workshops & classes for people who love to move

I teach regular Feldenkrais – informed movement & dance classes and workshops, live & online. They are open to everyone with a desire & curiosity for movement and embodied being.

‘The classes changed my perspective on movement, which changed my life’.

‘You taught me the importance of the Feldenkrais Method and it’s part of my daily routine now. Thank you for the invaluable lessons and making me believe that anything is achievable’

‘I don’t think you realize how comfortable you helped me feel within my own skin. Thank you!’

‘You become aware of parts of your body moving, particularly the feeling or the      sensations of it. You are more active – a performer should be active at all points ‘

In Thomas’ workshop I particularly appreciate the connection of refined body-oriented movement practice into a transition to dance exploration with other people and in space’.

‘I know I’ve said it before but you really unlocked my love for movement and now I have the pleasure to create some kickass physical work with some amazing talent as a result.


Photograph: Christian Kipp ; workshop with Carol Brown, Coventry 2017

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