Thomas Kampe workshops 2017/18

Barcelona: Obrador di Moviments

28 & 29 April  ‘ The Art of Making Choices’

Feldenkrais and Movement Improvisation

 Contact: Carrer Felip II 174 Baixos Primera 08027 Barcelona
Tel. 930.168.848 :  Obrador di Moviments


Konstanz, Germany : these workshops can be booked together or individually

16 – 18 March 2018 Bewusst Bewegen Konstanz

11-13 May 2018 Bewusst Bewegen Konstanz

4 – 8 July 2018 Bewusst Bewegen Konstanz Intensive

Contact and info :

——————————————————————————————-Zarrentin, Germany

The Art of Making Choices: Feldenkrais und Bewegungsimprovisation

5-6 May & 1-2 September

Workshops can be booked individually: info on


Arezzo , Italy Academia dell’ Arte

9 – 13 July  Dance Intensive

The Art of Making Choices: Somatic Tools for Dance Making

Info and booking :


Arlequi, Catalunya (to be confirmed)

17 – 23 August

The Art of Making Choices : Feldenkrais and Movement Improvisation



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