beyond forgetting – 1938/2018  Verfolgung/Exil/Erinnerung Persecution/Exile/Memory

International Symposium  Coburg University, Germany

27 & 28  July 2018

Convenors      Prof Gerhard Kampe   University of Applied Sciences, Coburg

Dr Thomas Kampe (Bath Spa University, UK)

International trans-disciplinary arts symposium with academics, artists, performance makers,  designers and witnesses. Laboratories, Symposium & Exhibition, Coburg University, Coburg, Germany, July 2018. Within the context of historical memory and current cultural experience academics, artists and designers  are invited to engage in dialogues with affected witnesses, politicians, religious and cultural organisations on themes concerning persecution, exile and memory.  How do we approach historical and contemporary persecution and exile in 2018? – 80 years after the first wave of stately organised  violence against the Jewish population in the whole of the German Reich, after the first escalation of persecution, forced displacement and exile of European Jews, the annexation of Sudetenland and Austria through Nazi-Germany and the organised persecution of political, social and cultural others.

How do we meet and critically  come to terms with memory, commemoration and often hidden histories, through artistic, pedagogical and performative means? How do we enable contemporary dialogues between cultures and  question historical-social hierarchies and privilege, cultural exclusion, trauma and latent racism through artistic-compositional means and through experimental problem-oriented processes?

During beyond forgetting 1938/2018 artists, academics and students of various universities are invited to  explore new working modes, meeting challenges and are developing products outside of conventional structures. Through a format of networked and trans-disciplinary workshops, presentations and exchanges, participants are exploring practices that aim to stimulate critical socio-political impulses within a context an increasing neo-totalitarian political trend and contemporary migration and exile. beyond forgetting – 1938/2018 also builds on transdisciplinary formats of teaching and learning, and is supported by The College of Liberal Arts (CoLA) of Bath Spa University and the Coburg University of Applied Sciences.

We are inviting scholars, artists, designers, performers, educators from a broad range of disciplines and cultural contexts to contribute to this symposium: Formats might include: academic talks, performative presentations, panel discussion, the exhibition of artifacts, or alternative formats such as provocations, posters, skype-presentations, participatory events, workshops or recorded media. The project will be documented through printed- and e-publication, and through video.

Invited presenters include:  Mohammedkhir Alali, Coburg; Julia Pascal, London; Stefan von Borstel, Kassel; bayern design GmbH, Nürnberg; Student project Beyond Forgetting 1938 – 2018; F.e.e.l. effect group, Coburg; Making Culture e.V. Coburg;  IUD Institute of Universal Design, München; Hans Sauer Stiftung, München; Richard White, Bath; David Glass Ensemble, London

Deadline for applications:  June 5th 2018  (feedback with decisions  by June 12th 2018)

Please send an abstract of maximum 300 words and short biography  of 250 words to Alexandra Frey ; for further queries contact

Key words: Critical &Social Design, Exile Studies, Human Geography, Arts for Social Change, Arts Activism